Friday, September 30, 2011

Capture The Record 4 Tomorrow: BE THERE!

Come watch two teams of Spawncampers and friends battle it out in the 4th incarnation of Minecraft Capture the Record!

Date:        Saturday, October 1st, 2011
Time:        9PM GMT/5PM EST
Version:    1.7.3

Livestreaming provided by:

Gold Team, SeriousCreeper:
Green Team, RPGamer99:

Teams are as follows:

Team Gold
  • Captain: thecrystalcrow
  • ashrossy 
  • Uruz
  • SeriousCreeper
  • MinecraftTeachr 
  • xwcg
  • makefile
  • Astragali
  • heronmarkedblade
  • xelatyper 
  • Gleeson9
  • Nak3d

Team Green
  • Captain: stahscream 
  • alefnull
  • jessartisan
  • Bethness
  • kalennighteyes
  • RPGamer99
  • ZeImperialistic
  • Gingernator666
  • Mirosta
  • Teddanator
  • Bar_Barian 
  • ethancherry

There are many, many people who applied for the waiting list. I'm sorry we could not accommodate everyone, since server spots are limited. I would have loved to play with all of you!

Special Thanks To:

SeriousCreeper and RPGamer99, for taking on the Livestream.

Mirosta, the creator of the CTR Bukkit plugin, for going above and beyond helping us with setup and bugfixes-you totally RAWK.

Our playtesters, RPGamer99 and Astragali, the Minecraft Scribe for their patience, humor and mastery of WorldEdit.

ZeImperialistc and alefnull, for Mumble setup and moderation.

The Shaft Podcast, for the timely plug.

Special thanks to ashrossy for hosting the server, and stahscream for asking, “Is anyone interested in doing another CTR?” Without you two, this wouldn't be happening!

See you all Saturday!

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