Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bring it ON, Baby! CTR 4 Update

Minecraft Capture the Record 4 UPDATE!

We've gotten everything finalized, so here it is. Players will get an email with further details.

Bring your “A” Game!

Date:         Saturday, October 1st, 2011
Time:        Assembly 4-4:30 PM EST, 9-9:30 PM GMT
                 Gameplay Begins 5 PM EST, 10 PM GMT
Version:    Minecraft 1.7.3

As usual, build time is 5 hours, after which PVP will begin! The winning team is the first to uncover the opposing team's record and play it in the jukebox.

Time Converter is here: Please check your own time zone to determine your personal start time.

Additional Rules:
  • No Deliberate Spawn Camping
  • No Use of Lava at Opposing Team's Spawn

Download a fresh Minecraft 1.7.3 .jar file here:

Or use Minecraft Version Switcher here:

Mumble server will be provided by The Spawn: and alefnull and ZeImperialistic_ have kindly offered to moderate. Only players will be able to access their respective rooms.

Players have been divided into teams of Green and Gold. If you like, you may change your skin to match your team, but it is not mandatory. We will be testing a plugin that will change helmet color to match the teams, and will let you know if/when it works.

stahscream's Green Team Shirt

RPGamer99 has thoughtfully offered to Livestream here at TwitchTV: , so tune in and you can watch us battle there! (No watching the opposing team's stream, folks!) He's on the Green Team (my opposition!) so if any of you Gold team folks would like to stream our side, please let me know.

Players will receive an email with team designations, IP address and stress testing invite closer to the date of the event, so look to your inboxes and stay tuned to this spot. Gold Team members, put on your Evil Genius hats and email me back with ideas! (Sneaky crow is sneaky!)

Ah, well, in the interest of fairness I suppose Green Team members can DM @stahscream on Twitter with your own evil plots. XD

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