Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bring It, 'Cause Minecraft Capture the Record 4 is ON, Baby!

These things start so simply-a tweet from stahscream asking who wanted to play another Capture the Record (or CTR), with SudoRossy and I chiming in. As much as Minecraft is self-directed, I could use a little purposeful, goal-oriented play once in awhile. A few hours later, our meeting of the minds became:

Capture The Record 4

..and we were off. Here are the details we have so far:

Date:        Saturday, October 1st, 2011
Time:       TBA
Version:   1.7.3

Voice chat capability is MANDATORY! At this point we will probably be using Mumble. Details will be provided via email.

As noted above, we will be playing Minecraft version 1.7.3. If players need a fresh .jar file, a Mediafire link will be provided in a follow-up email. (Thanks to Deaboy for the .jar!)

The server is whitelisted, and the IP will be given out the day of the event via email.

We have discussed some additional things, and all additional information will be sent out via email at a later date. We are planning on Livestreaming, and are looking for someone interested/capable of doing so.

There are a few slots still open on the waiting list, so if you wish to play, please leave a comment here with your Twitter name, Minecraft IGN and email address. If you've already heard from me, I've already got you on the list.

Note: Excessive pestering (unless highly creative) will not get you a place on the teams, nor will bribery (I like champagne, cheesecake, and long walks on the beach, btw), so forget about trying. :D


  1. Hey

    twitter name DedEdInTheShed, IGN: Blockiddus, email: edwincrooks@hotmail.co.uk.

    I'd really like to play, i have a couple of videos up on youtube under my twitter name if that helps :L

  2. oh but i live in abu dhabi, uae so the timing could potentially be a problem, if the time is late at night in the usa it could be early for me. but i wake up early so that might not be a problem, it would be great if you pick me :)

  3. I've got you on the waiting list, so no worries!

  4. is it likely to be overnight for gmt? if not then
    Twitter & minecraft IGN: Farmer_Bo
    email: kieranc13@gmail.com

  5. I've got you, Bo. Will be emailing the time after we decide tonight. Rossy's hosting, and he's in the UK, so we're trying to balance the time.

  6. I would most love to be included! ^_^

    Twitter: ethan_cherry
    IGN: ethancherry
    email: ethancherry@me.com

  7. i would love to play :D

    Twitter: sman4life
    IGN: sman711
    email: sman711@comcast.net

  8. Cant wait, hope the time is one where I can participate!

    Twitter: JaydenBev
    IGN: JaydenB
    email: jayden@westnet.com.au

  9. sman and Jayden, have added you both to the waiting list. Will let you know if anyone drops out!

  10. @calliass44on twitter
    Calliass96 in minecraft
    Taylor00@live.co.uk email

  11. Calliass-added to the waiting list!

  12. madmax100422 for my twitter
    X_G3N_X is my minercraft name
    smadmax12@aol.com is my email

  13. IGN: Slicer224 Twitter: Same thing Can bet I'll be there. Email: asnoverrocks@gmail.com

  14. twitter: fullmetalhusky

    minecraft: 11roxas9708

    email: levy.josh@comcast.net or fullmetalhusky@gmail.com

    love you guys hope if you chose me i might be able to stream... i would have to take some time to work it out

  15. max, slicer, husky - you've all been added to the waiting list. Husky: Thanks for the offer, but we already have our streamers. :) I'll let you know if you get called up. All the slots are currently full!

  16. Minecraft : Porkchopsz
    Email : celeohris@hotmail.com

    I really wanna go. I thought of leavin a comment before but i left it too late a waddaya know the list is full

  17. Oh no I meant my email is actually Celeohrid@hotmail.com not Celeohris@hotmail.com

  18. I don't have a twitter but my IGN is StickHero and it's the same for Minecraft. My email is Izizard@gmail.com

  19. Twitter: Randomslurpines
    IGN: Randomslurpiness
    Email: Randomslurpiness@gmail.com

    Hey there, I would so love to be apart of this event, Ive been an avid Minecrafter since infdev and have loved it since! My skills are rapid building and awesome problem solving Goooo Minecraft Whoo Hoo!!

  20. twitter: None
    IGN: swordwrath
    Email: gamestop5854@gmail.com

    i would love to be a part, keep missing them :( i hope i can get it :)

  21. As of now, the waiting list is closed-we've got twice as many people on the waiting list as we have slots open (and the open slots are full, btw). Thanks for all the interest, and everyone above this post has been added to the waiting list. If you get called up, you will be contacted via email, if not, good luck for next time!

  22. Twitter: obesejaguarmann
    IGN: obesejaguarmann
    Email: jmoynihan18@gmail.com

    I've wanted to be part of previous CTRs but I'm always a little late to hear about them...I hope I get in this one!

  23. Twitter: Plikki
    IGN: plikki
    E-mail: Mmaaddss@gmail.com

    i heart about this on "The Shaft" and after i heart that i just knew that i needed to be a part of CTR. i'm looking forward to playing with you if i can be a part of this awesome game!

  24. Twitter: Gerrit mulder
    IGN: Bluetreefrog
    E-mail: gerrit97@gmail.com
    i would love to be a part, keep missing them =( i hope i can get it =3

  25. ign: zach627
    email: zach.trumpet627@aol.com
    I would really love to play

  26. is someone gonna livestream it, cuz I would watch that

  27. Watch this space, both sides will be streaming, and I'll be putting the links up today.

  28. Hey, i want to sign up for a great game of capture the record!
    Heard About it on the shaft.

    Twitter: Powerkuuk
    IGN: Superkuuk
    Email: groen@friesappeltje.nl
    YouTube: friesappeltje

    Hope I can join!

  29. Dont know if i can still register, but i'm going to post just in case =P

    Twitter: Jdwagner1Productions
    IGN: Jdwagner1
    Email: jdwagner12@yahoo.com

    Hope to be there o.O

  30. If i dont make this one, could you put me on the list for the next one? i really meant to attend this one but i just got back from a trip and had no internet access =P. btw i cant legally buy champange, have no access to cheesecake, and i am at least 14-15 hours from the nearest beach, but hey, i tried o.O

  31. Twitter: awesomepokemon
    IGN: Shadower1337
    Email: eli.green03@gmail.com