Saturday, June 16, 2012

Finally, an Update

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?

I’ve started quite a few updates, but they all devolved into the kind of self-pitying stuff that I hate, so I deleted them all. This time, I’m determined to squelch the self-pity, and tell just the facts, ma’am. *grin*

I’m still in the camper, at my Mom’s. Thanks to all the donators, I got the camper, and got it to North Carolina. Thanks to Mom, I have a place to park it, a bathroom to use, and a place to do laundry, all where I am loved. Thank you all.

It’s so nice here. The horses, the dogs, the cats, I’m never truly alone, although it does feel that way sometimes. I’m used to a house full of people, and I don’t know a soul down here. Not that I have any place to entertain! The rhythm of life is relaxed, which helps my stress level. No loud buses passing 12 feet from my bedroom window every 10 minutes, no gunfire, no fights in the street, no sirens...I miss the ghetto not one bit. I still miss my little cottage, the one I had before the ghetto, but that is long gone (even though the county still seems to think I own it, odd, since my bankruptcy was finalized two years ago).

Things are still very much in a holding pattern.

No sign of a court date for Disability yet. It’s been all silent on the attorney’s front, and I’ve no idea when anything is going to happen. Things are beginning to look critical. I’ve got three more months worth of cash for prescriptions, and car insurance is due in September. I have nothing of worth left to sell, so I don’t really know what’s going to happen at this point. I can’t get my attorney to respond  with some sort of letter that explains my residency issues, so I haven’t been able to apply for Food Stamps down here as of yet. Being that I’m in the process of applying for Disability, I still don’t qualify for anything else. Yes, I’m still mostly bedridden. Yes, it still hurts to walk, sit, stand, drive, and all the rest. Yes, I’m still dealing with it. Some days are better than others, some worse. Meditation and medication help. The shots I got last month really didn’t do anything, so hopefully that means I’m eligible for the radio frequency ablation. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

Other things going on: Achievement Get! New Desktop! Thanks to WelshPixie, Jaco, VanceNoPants and my Mom, I have the computer that I’ve saved up for three times over the last two years (but had to spend the money on other things due to Jackie losing her job). Just in time, too, as my hard drive in the laptop crashed and burned. Many of you know I’d been saving up for a new desktop just to be able to play Skyrim, and SudoRossy sent me a copy of that for my birthday. I’ve been blessed with wonderful friends! The icing on the cake was a homemade bound book and a flash drive, both all steampunked out courtesy of my friend Pete. You are all the very best of friends.

Then there’s the everyday support from everyone on Twitter. Thank you all so much, ‘cause I don’t know what I’d do without you. You all make me smile, laugh, and groan in despair at the bad puns!

These last few weeks have been especially rough, since the internet connection here has gone from spotty to nonexistent. Hopefully, this will be fixed by next Friday – I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Other than my Mom and Billy, the person I’d most like to thank for helping me keep my sanity through all of this is Mark. Without him, I’d be completely lost. He’s on his way back to the UK in a little over a week, and to keep his visa, has to return to the US within a year. They can have you for a little while, but you must come back to us, you’re a British American now!

That’s all I’ve got for now. Have a doctor’s appointment on the 6th of July, so I’ll have to check my options again then, and drop in to my attorney’s office as well. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back to the gaming news soon, as this is just a personal update. Even with all the upheavals and uncertainty, there is still gaming to be done and discussed!

And, (dare I say…) recording?