Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blogging 'til Homeless: Countdown, 40 Days Left

Good news!

My German Shepherd love of my life, Clapton, is going to have a safe place to go. (Living with me being homeless is NOT a safe place.) A lovely woman named Jodi is going to take him to live with her (and her husband and other dogs) in Kentucky. He will be loved.

My family has bred German Shepherds since the1970's. I've been involved in obedience and conformation, and have done breed rescue with Last Hope Safe Haven for German Shepherd Dogs. I've had horses, cats, and particularly dogs for all of my life, but Clapton is special.

For so long, I wanted a solid black male puppy. I have never had a puppy of my own. Whelped and raised plenty while growing up, but I was never actually allowed to have a dog of my own when I lived at home. But we did have plenty of dogs (and cats and horses) to love, and I loved every single one.

When Mom brought me the little black ball of fuzz that was Clapton, I was already disabled, but the doctors were telling me at the time that there was a test that would determine what I had, and that whatever it was was definitely fixable. I chose to be optimistic and believe them, but they were proved to be wrong a short month later. But I still had my sweet puppy to keep me company, and as he grew and my health worsened, he learned to do little things for me. He would gently pick up whatever I dropped, (bending is painful) and hand it to me; lie flat next to me to keep me warm when I was cold and the pain was bad; stand “steady' so I could pull myself upright after falling; give me kisses and warm, loving looks when I needed them most...

I'm so happy that you're going to a good place, my love pup.

I'm just going to miss you so.

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