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"And the Truth Will Set You Free..." BTH: Day 38

Blogging Til Homeless: Day 38

“And the Truth Will Set You Free”...on the Street

I really debated telling you all this, because I hate airing dirty laundry in public, but as it has bearing on what is going on with all this, I probably should. If you dislike drama, stop right here.

When my roommate Jackie told me that her unemployment has run out, and that we would both have to leave, SHE WAS LYING. Her unemployment had NOT run out. And she was not leaving.

I found out tonight that SHE is evicting me. Oh, well. She has the right. No matter that we've been best of friends for years, and that I supported her for seven of them, paid for her divorce, bought her two cars, etc...

Yeah, I'm bringing up the money. Because apparently, that is what the whole thing is all about.

See, when Jackie told me that “we” were going to have to leave, she expected my mother to cough up some kind of cash to keep us here. The fact that Mom is broke and can do no such thing never crossed her mind. My family (as it is) cannot take me in, either, as there is no room.

See, this explains why Jackie went absolutely nuts last night and screamed at me that I was a “fucking bitch” because I sold my dog (who is worth more than a thousand dollars) for only $250 (Well, technically $500, but I won't have an address where they can mail the final check).

Jackie only wanted the money.

She also posted a comment to this very blog, that I removed because it didn't ring true. I decided to post it here, as it shows her hypocrisy. As you will see, in the end, she's asking for money...for herself, and this ambiguous “new roommate”. Highlights, bold and underline are mine. Poor formatting, misspelling and bad grammar remain original.

HecticOne has left a new comment on your post "But I Don't Understand, How Can This Happen?”": 

Unfortunately all this had to go down at Xmas time.I of course feel worse because I have kidney stones and I have a virus that has run rampid like a wild fire and I am in constant pain. I have been at the hospital back and forth having tests run for three days and they say they have found things wrong with me and it is frightening.I just happen to be Kristal's room mate.What I want to say here, is that it is not that I don't care at all about any of this.In fact,I have been making calls and trying to get help as I can't physically handle all of the stress and the toll this madness has taken on my body.Not to mention that there is no help financially as I am waiting to win a major lawsuit settlement and my attorney just happens to be the same attorney as Kristal's and also the land lady.The sad thing is this land lady has some bad history.You would think that if your client (Kristal) lands in the hospital for an emergency,the attorney would be caring enough to return your text message or your phone calls or an email.Unfortunately this attorney does not give a crap about her clients and it showed when I finally got the woman on the phone to inquire to get some answers for Kristal, she could not answer me and she just hung the phone up on me.I told Kristal it is time to move on and find someone who is going to help her.I wish I could help kristal but everything I have tried to do has just been a failure.People do not care anymore.If only someone could donate some funds to keep the lights and the water running instead of seeing the cut off notices.At least so we can stay under one roof for about 4 more months to get thru this,then maybe we should see the light at the end of the tunnel. We just need some financial help and the gov't is not going to extend my un -employment benefits.Therefore I have to find a job and perhaps get a room mate to move in here to help cover the bills so I can stay here for awhile.If there is anything anyone can do,please by all means give a shout,shoot an email call us on the phone.Any help is truly appreciated.Thank You.Jackie 

Posted by HecticOne to The Crow and the Pitcher at December 21, 2011 2:41 PM

The truth comes out in the end. Jackie's asking for money for herself, since I'm the one being evicted. By her. Nice. At least now I know the truth.

Funnily, she's also trashing my attorney/landlady, who is supposed to be Jackie's best friend. I hope Jean sees this, I really do. Jackie says “all her friends” read the blog, so hi, Laura! Make sure Jackie tells you the truth! You should know, I had money, and contributed to everything here up until the winter of 2010, so Jackie hasn't “paid for everything for three years”. We haven't lived here for three years, as we moved in October of 2009. Get your facts straight - remember, you're only getting one side of the story.

For those of you that don't know, I once counted Laura as my best friend, but she was one of the ones that dropped me like a hot rock when I became further disabled and moved to the wrong side of town. C'est la vie. I can't put the time into RL friendships as I used to, the pain I'm in doesn't allow it. Jackie's told me that Laura made her a spreadsheet that showed I owe Jackie $19,000 (wow, for a year's time?), which Jackie upped to $21,000 when she spoke to me tonight. Wow, that's more than Jackie's ever taken home in a year! (/sarcasm...well, is it entirely sarcastic if it's true?)

Jackie is also saying that I must immediately go get an inpatient mental evaluation, which would leave me unable to protect my interests at the house, including the arrangements for my dog, Clapton. Of course, Jackie says she will be more than happy to handle that...suppose she wants the money? She also told me that my attorney is insisting this as well, which would be a HUGE breach of client confidentiality on my attorney's part. Jackie has a history of trying this, as she actually had her ex-husband committed, and has mentioned this to me several times before (my analyst said that it was ridiculous idea). The timing seems kind of strange, doesn't it? Wouldn't it be better to do this AFTER I'm homeless, when I need somewhere to stay, rather than squander the time when I could be winding up my affairs? Or does she just want access to my assets, meager as they are?

Some of you have donated, but as you know, there is NO donation information on this blog, because money will not help my particular problem, which is finding a free place to live until I go to court. It would take a HUGE amount of money to find me a place where there would be someone to help take care of me, which is what I need. I can literally not survive on my own due to my disability. (Edit: This has changed due to the amount of people ASKING that a donation button be placed on the site. Donators, thank you very much!)

Jackie does have the right to evict me, I'm not arguing that. The problem I have is the way it's been done, with the threats, abuse, the statements of how much I owe her when we've never had a formal agreement after I stopped renting to her when we lived at my house, the screaming, the smirking, and the statements that she will have her friends here, ARMED, to prevent me from removing furniture that she is using that belongs to me. The latter effectively prevents me from getting any help whatsoever to remove my belongings, since I can't ask anyone to come into a situation like that just to move furniture for me. I cannot move anything myself, so my hands are tied. I have been told, however, to expect a formal 30-day eviction notice. This is fine, as it is required by Virginia Landlord Tenant Residential Act, 55-248.37.

Yeah, I do sound bitter, but I believe I have the right. After a eight-year relationship, I would have hoped for a considerate discussion along the lines of “I can't take care of you anymore, and I really need you to move out so I can get a roommate to help with the bills.”, instead of a pack of lies, threats and manipulation.

I find myself completely sickened by someone for whom I used to care about very much.

Edit: (Later) To add to the insult of the lies, now Jackie is claiming that she owns all of my personal property, and can confiscate everything in order to pay "back rent", where we never had a rental agreement. So there goes anything I might have been able to get for my furniture and appliances.

To the folks that donated: No worries, Jackie isn't getting any of that money. It's nowhere near enough to satisfy her anyway, but it might get me a room for a couple nights!

Due to requests, I'm adding a donation button to these particular posts for folks that wish to donate. Thank you for all your help!

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